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Optimizing the e-beam profile of a single carbon nanotube field emission device for electric propulsion systems
Mologni, J. F., Alves, M. A. R., Braumgratz, F., Fonseca, E., Siqueira, C. L. R., Braga, E. S.

A new particle-like method for high-speed flows with chemical non-equilibrium
Guzzo, F. R., Azevedo, J. L. F.

Degradation of carbon-based materials under ablative conditions produced by a high
enthalpy plasma jet
Petraconi, G., Essiptchouk, A. M., Charakhovski, L. I., Otani, C., Maciel, H. S., Pessoa, R. S.,
Gregori, M. L., Costa, S. F.

Study of the thermal decomposition of 2,2’,4,4’,6,6’- hexanitrostilbene
Silva, G., Iha, K., Cardoso, A. M., Mattos, E. C., Dutra, R. C. L.

Evaluation of nanoparticles in the performance of energetic materials
Rocco, J. A. F. F., Gonçalves, R. F. B., Iha, K., Silva, G.

Studies on compatibility of energetic materials by thermal methods
Mazzeu, M. A. C., Mattos, E. C., Iha, K.

Complex permeability and permittivity variation of carbonyl iron rubber in the frequency range
of 2 to 18 GHz
Gama, A. M., Rezende, M. C.

Microwave absorbing paints and sheets based on carbonyl iron and polyaniline: measurement and simulation of their properties
Folgueras, L. C., Alves, M. A., Rezende, M. C.

Aglomerações industriais no setor aeroespacial e automobilístico no Vale do Paraíba Paulista: uma comparação de trajetórias de formação
Automotive and aeronautical clusters in the São Paulo state’s Vale do Paraíba: a comparison
of formation trajectories
Luz, M. S., Minari, G. M., Santos, I. C.

Gestão sistêmica de projetos em uma instituição pública de pesquisa e desenvolvimento
Systemic management of projects in a public research and development institution
Oliveira, L. H., Junior, A. P. D, Neto, N. B.

Comparisons between aerovane and sonic anemometer wind measurements at Alcântara Launch Center
Fisch, G.

Masters and PHD thesis about Aerospace Technology and Management
Various authors